Tree Vigor & Vitality

Why do some trees flourish and others struggle to survive?  Can anything be done about the health and well-being of trees?

The answer is yes!

Here are two concepts that go a long way to explaining tree health. The vitality or vigor of a tree is the ability of a tree to withstand environmental stressors. While some factors in a tree’s vigor are genetic, with some trees being naturally more resilient than others, the overall vitality of the tree can be affected by outside factors. At Precision Tree & Landscape, we can help prevent the negative environmental affects on  a tree’s vigor, and help encourage the beneficial factors.

Much can be done to increase vitality.

  • Good fertilization
  • Soil aeration
  • Watering

Some things that can increase vitality in trees:

  • Plant the right tree in the right place. Pick trees meant for the zone you live in. In Northwest NJ this means Zone 6a&b, 7a&b.
  • Proper Mulching (Not Volcanoing!)
  • Prune, getting rid of weakened limbs or shaping a tree.
  • Book checkups, have a professional tree service out to make sure your trees are healthy once a year.

Planting trees native to the area helps sustain the vigor in several ways. Native trees are already genetically coded for the variables in our weather.  They help prevent erosion, reduce air pollution, and provide shelter and food for wildlife.

The professionals at Precision Tree Service can help keep the vitality of your trees by correct care which helps sustain the vigor of your trees.