Tree Inspection Prior to Purchase

Tree Inspection Prior to Purchase

Hiring a professional tree company to inspect trees on a property before you buy it is always a good idea. If there are trees with issues or illnesses, the inspection could make the difference between stopping or going through with a purchase. The house is lovely, the property needs a bit of work, but you can envision your children playing back there while you entertain. The trees of any property considering being bought need to have a professional look at their health and well-being.

Home inspectors do not inspect trees, their primary interest is with the house itself. They can tell you whether a tree is a possible hazard to the home, as in the case of a large tree with dangling limbs over the home or obvious tree roots nearing or entering the foundation. The professionals at Precision Tree Care can inspect all the trees and shrubs on a property to ensure the safety and health of the trees. Yes, mature trees of maple, or oak, add ambiance to the property, as well as lower energy bills and shade in the summer; but only if they are healthy. A maple tree in Phillipsburg or an oak in Sparta may have split in the upper branches or insect infestation unknown until looked at closely.

A tree inspection by an arborist will be able to help with:

  1. Failing Trees

tree fall

Trees with canopies provide shade and give a yard personality, but unfortunately, the larger the tree, the bigger the risk. Severe thunderstorms can potentially snap branches or topple entire trees; both of which are a serious hazard to your family and home as well as your neighbors’ property. Some trees are more susceptible to strong winds than others like ash trees known for their weak branches.

  1. Invasive Roots

Tree roots have a mind of their own. Many trees with aggressive root systems have the possibility of cracking your foundation or lifting the sidewalk. Worse yet, sewer lines or the septic system are easy targets for invasive roots seeking water and nutrients. A foundation or basement that has been damaged by tree roots could be a deal-breaker, this would be good to know prior to purchase.

  1. Disease and Decay

tree decay

Some signs of tree disease are obvious, dead branches, brittle bark, fungus in the form of mushrooms, but some are more difficult to diagnose. Decay often begins on the inside of the tree, so the average person may not realize a tree is rotting until it is too late. Other signs, like dead leaves, may not seem like distress signals unless you were aware that leaves should not be brown in August. A diseased, decaying tree is a safety hazard and could lead to costly removals.

  1. Signs of Pests

tree insects

Trees can harbor all sorts of invasive pests. Depending on the tree, Emerald Ash Borer, Aphids, Japanese beetles, and Bronze Borers are just a handful of harmful insects that take up residence in New Jersey trees and strip them of their beauty. Sometimes one pest will invade a tree and then others will continue to attack a weakened tree.

  1. High-Maintenance Trees

While most trees require some maintenance. Some are messier than they are worth. The northern red oak, while stunning, drops acorns as well as a massive volume of catkins, are a type of flower group, of tiny, staminate flowers; Sweetgum trees drop seed pods which are round, hard, and spiky, and painful when stepped on; the mimosa is another pretty tree with blossoms that flutter everywhere. Some trees are much more brittle than others, meaning their branches are more likely to break or shatter.

Shrubs can often become overgrown or suffer from slow growth, poor foliage color, scorch, sparse growth, and branch die-back.

The professionals at Precision Tree Services can spot the number of potential issues with your trees and shrubs and can make recommendations for treating small problems before they become larger ones. This can include pruning, tree removal, insect management, and other services. Buying a home is a huge investment. Finding out there are expensive additional costs for tree management or removal is something best done beforehand.