Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

You did the right thing, took down the trees that were either sick or were showing signs of decay, and now the stumps remain behind.

Although there are a great many ‘ways’ of removing the stump yourself, several are dangerous, and many more will not give you the result you want, which is not more stump. Renting the equipment needed can be expensive and the job itself is time-consuming. Precision Tree and Landscaping has professional crews that are proficient in tree and stump removal.

This is where stump grinding comes into play. Any stump left in the ground can reshoot after it has been cut down. Stump grinding removes this possibility. Roots need leaves to start the regrowing process, so a stump that starts reshooting, growing suckers, or new branches on a tree you wanted to be rid of, is a problem.

More reasons to remove a stump:

  • Removing the tree stump will prevent tripping accidents.
  • Makes your yard a safer place to maintain and enjoy.
  • Tree stumps often attract unwanted pests that can spread diseases or infestations to healthy neighboring plants and trees.
  • Having a stump or stumps takes up valuable real estate on your property.
  • Stumps can damage your weedwhacker and mower.

Improve the value of your home simply by getting rid of old tree stumps! Stumps will decay given time, as in many years’ time. If you want to replant, either another tree or a garden, in the same spot, getting rid of the stump makes sense.

Grinding is much more efficient than stump removal, although the roots of the tree are left behind. Depending on the size of the stump, the chips can be used as mulch for other plants in your landscape. While does not get rid of the roots, the roots underground will decay.  Grinding will allow you to replant a tree or shrub, grass, a garden. The professionals at Precision Tree and Landscaping are the experts you need for tree grinding.