Stump Grinding

Precision Tree & Landscape Offers Stump Grinding Services stump grinding

A rotting stump, in some instances, can last for decades and become very unsightly as they age. Suckers and shoots can continuously become a problem until the stump dies. Worse, a rotting stump is a large welcome sign to unwanted pests. Large ant colonies will often attract aphids that can wreak havoc on your garden, and termites love to feast on rotting tree stumps. Depending on the proximity to your home, you could come to regret your tree stumps in a very expensive way.

Precision Tree & Landscape offers a quick, clean, and efficient way to remove stumps from your landscaping. Stumps are ground 6 to 8 inches below ground level. Stump grinding can be done where grass is to be planted, to make room for a new tree, or to clear the way for a driveway, paving stones, or poured concrete.

Grinding the stump allows immediate use of the area where a stump used to be.

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Warren County, NJ Including:

  • Hackettstown
  • Phillipsburg
  • Washington
  • Hope
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  • Blairstown

Morris County, NJ Including:

  • Mendham
  • Rockaway
  • Denville
  • Mountain Lakes
  • Long Valley
  • Chester

Sussex County, NJ Including:

  • Sparta
  • Newton
  • Andover
  • Stanhope
  • Green Township
  • Byram

Hunterdon County, NJ Including:

  • Clinton
  • Califon
  • Flemington
  • Lebanon
  • Bloomsbury
  • Frenchtown

Somerset County, NJ Including:

  • Far Hills
  • Bedminster

As Well as Nearby, Surrounding Areas.