Estate Maintenance

Precision Tree & Landscape, LLC Offers Residential & Commercial Estate and Grounds Maintenance

Precision Tree & Landscape, LLC is now offering Estate and Grounds Maintenance packages. We offer comprehensive plans that include your trees, shrubs, and ground cover. Plans are in place for annual, biannual, or quarterly maintenance visits to keep your property looking its best.

Our Estate & Ground Maintenance Packages Include:

  • 1

    Hand Pruning

    This typically involves trimming dead and diseased branches to improve overall plant health and appearance. Thinning and corrective pruning can be performed at this time.

  • 2

    Shaping of Trees and Shrubs

    This typically involves crown reduction more for shaping and esthetics and less because of plant health concerns.

  • 3

    Insect & Disease Control

    When this work is performed by our tree experts, insect and disease control can be recommended to control cultural and biological problems in the landscape. Integrated Pest Management and Plant Healthcare are two important facets of our business. We strive to keep up with the latest research on both of these topics to help keep your plants safe and healthy.

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    We can fertilize plants to help with increasing the plant’s vigor. We can determine structural deficiencies from the root zone to the crown, and they can be cabled or braced to increase stability. We offer both Spring and Fall fertilization, and have a 3-tiered approach to fertilization, utilizing liquids and granulars.