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Wood Chipping Services

Tree Chipping Services

Available for Trunks & Branches up to 20 inches in Diameter

Tree Chipping is an excellent option for debris removal. It’s more economical than tree hauling, and safer than burning. It’s also a fantastic way to recycle your old trees, and put them to good use on your property.


Check Out Some of the Great Ways You Can Utilize Your Wood Chips:

Use Wood Chips As Mulch

Wood Chip Mulch can suppress the growth of weeds in flower beds, help your plants retain water, and help keep them warm. Make sure to churn up or remove old mulch before remulching so your plants aren’t buried. It’s important not to over-mulch your plants.

Wood Chips for Erosion Control

Wood chips are a great method for erosion control on sloped areas where soil loss is a problem. Mulching the area with the wood chips helps to stabilize the soils and reduce the speed of water as it moves over the slope. 

Use Wood Chips As a Firestarter

While we don’t recommend burning a large pile of wood chips, they can be useful as a fire starter or be used in small fires such as in a fire pit.

Use Wood Chips As Compost

Wood chips have a high carbon content and can improve the condition of your soil, making it more nutritious for the plants.

Use Wood Chips As Play or Walkway Surface

Wood chips are an affordable way to define a walk-way area. They can help define a space and prevent plants from growing in an area where you may place a more permanent walkway in the future. In play areas, be sure to check on the condition of the wood chips as they decompose, perhaps turning them as they dry out so that the softer, less likely to splinter chips are on top.

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