New Jersey’s Secret Vegetable Garden

Fruits and Vegetables in NJ that You May Not Know About

Just like the amazing array of fruits and vegetables one would find at the local grocery store, there are many fruits and vegetables that for various reasons you won't find there.  However, these hidden gems can sometimes be found...

Great Fruit Trees that Thrive in the Jersey Climate

Additional Excellent Choices of Fruit Trees Good for New Jersey and it's Surrounding States

New Jersey and the surrounding northeastern states experience 4 seasons throughout the year.  This four season year supports the growth and vegetation of some of the yummiest

The Best Shrubs and Hedges for New Jersey Lawns

The Best Shrubs and Hedges for New Jersey Lawns

Sometimes you love your neighbors, sometimes not.  Or the neighbors, who are lovely, decide to put a hot tub on their raised deck in the direct line of sight of your children's play area.  Either way privacy shrubbery can solve or mask the...

The Best Fruit Trees for the New Jersey Climate

Sweeten Your Lawn with Fruit Trees!

To add a bit of whimsy to your yard, or if you have a literal desire to enjoy the fruits; there are fruit trees, several of which grow nicely in the seasonal climate of New Jersey.
  • Pear - Anjou, Bartlett, and Bosc are great...

4 Types of Residential Trees to Enhance Your Lawn

Perhaps your lawn is bare and boring, or perhaps a bit too exposed to your neighbors. Not every tree planted near your home or parking area will remain safe enough to grow there. Here's a great list of trees that can add some life to your yard with minimal long term risk to your property. The last...