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Environment-Friendly Tree Care Methods

Today, the environment is an important factor to be taken into consideration when caring for trees. While traditional tree care methods may still be applied, it’s essential to employ environmentally friendly techniques that don’t have a negative impact on the planet or harm local ecosystems....

Tree Inspection Prior to Purchase

Tree Inspection Prior to Purchase

Hiring a professional tree company to inspect trees on a property before you buy it is always a good idea. If there are trees with issues or illnesses, the inspection could make the difference between stopping or going through with a purchase. The house...

When to Prune a Tree

The removal of dead and dying wood on a tree or shrub can be done at any time, however there are other reasons for pruning that require a time and place.

Pruning Trees in Winter or Late Spring

Trees experience dormancy in the winter. This is a period of time when their growth and...