The Best Shrubs and Hedges for New Jersey Lawns

Sometimes you love your neighbors, sometimes not.  Or the neighbors, who are lovely, decide to put a hot tub on their raised deck in the direct line of sight of your children’s play area.  Either way privacy shrubbery can solve or mask the issue.  Our experts at Precision Tree Services can point out what evergreens or shrubs work best for your property!  Contact us to see which options would work best on your lawn.  Here are a few shrubbery options to consider:

Sky Pencil Holly – A narrow, column form with dark green foliage that stays neat year-round. Leaves have no sharp points, making it ideal for privacy screening. Grows to 6′ to 8′. Evergreen. Planted in a row, these will make a statement, pencil holly shrub

Hybrid Willow Tree – as with many trees with ‘willow’ in the name, this is a hybrid of two other trees, the White Willow and the Chinese Willow. This is a tall tree growing upwards of 50′ plus and wide as well. It is often used as a windbreak, as well as for privacy as the deep green leaves will enhance any colorful plant put in front of it. This is a fast growing tree, growing about 6′ per season.hybrid willow hedge

Emerald Green Thuja – Another column form tree, with a growth rate of about 5′ per season, topping out to between 8′ to 12′; and about 3′ to 4′ wide. This tree is resistant to bugs and can endure temperatures to -40. It has bright green glow which will reflect in the sun well.emerald green thuja hedges

This is a sampling of what can help your property look as charming and peaceful as you wish. Precision Tree Service can help you make the right choices you can enjoy for years to come!