Hunting down the prefect tree

Xmas Tress

The turkey is eaten, there is a bite to the air and the holidays are upon us!  On the top of the To Do list is finding the prefect Christmas tree.

  • Do you and your family like to tromp thru the woods axe in hand?
  • Visit the local tree farm to tag your own?
  • Go to the nearby tree lot?

Remember not all trees are suitable for the holiday season.

Christmas Trees

Some trees used for the season lose their needles quickly and suddenly; others have needles that are downright painful and gloves are suggested, likely not the best for families with young children. Take into consideration color as well, as Christmas trees range through shades of green to nearly silvery grey.

Also while you and your family and friends want to enjoy the scent of pine amid the decorations, no one wants uninvited guests.

May you enjoy the best the season has to offer and enjoy your centerpiece tree!