Quite a few residential and commercial property owners ask the question – yet it can seem impossible to get a straight-forward answer regarding the costs of tree services. We hope to put the tree service price controversy to rest.

If you have ever shopped around from Tree Company to Tree Company – chances are the price ranges have been as much as 35% apart. So why does this happen?

The unfortunate reality of the matter is that many tree service companies are operating without sufficient insurance. While a savvy consumer generally knows enough to request a certificate of insurance, they are not always seeing the bigger picture behind that policy.

Aside from the fact that it is very easy deceive consumers and pass ofF expired or copied insurance certificates as legitimate insurance policies, even the “legitimate” insurance policies are not always legit.


Ghost policies, that is. Due to the extremely high cost of insurance in the tree service industry, (an industry with a risk rate about 10 times the average for workers) many tree services opt to purchase insurance that applies to a company of one. If they illegally claim that their employees are subcontractors, or simply hire their workers completely off the books, they are able to pay sometimes one tenth of the cost of insurance while placing their clients and employees at risk.


Unfortunately, ghost policy certificates are identical to legitimate policies. As tedious as it may be to go the extra mile to verify the policy, it is not nearly as strenuous as paying for the lifelong care of a paralyzed tree worker.

Take these steps to prevent liability in an accident claim:

• Obtain the policy information directly from the agency.
• Check expiration dates.
• Ask the agency for the number of employees covered on the policy
• Request a written, dated and signed statement from the company owner that all of their employees are covered.

Even the best and most skilled tree service employees can have a bad day or meet a strong gust of wind at the wrong moment. The sad fact is that often times the lowest prices result in the highest costs.

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