As a pet owner, you want to give your dog or cat a safe place to run, romp and explore that is safe for them and enjoyable for you. You will need to be careful though about the care you put into this project as some plants, mulch, and fertilizers, can make your pet ill. As well as tools and chemicals often found in your shed or garage.
Here are some ideas for creating a safe place for both you and your dog or cat.

Pet Friendly Fencing

dog friendly fence window

A fence with slats a dog can see through is beneficial, as dogs can see what is happening outside their world.

If the fencing has no openings for your dog, consider putting in a ‘doggy window’ at the height of your dog. Usually these are made of Plexiglas and inserted into the existing fencing.

There is also the invisible fence where your dog wears a collar which buzzes when your dog is near the underground line of the fence.

Prevent Pet Poisoning

Dogs check out their environment with their mouths. There’s a few important things to keep in mind.

nontoxic pet friendly plants

Keep your shed and garage closed to prevent access to chemicals.

Use traps for rodent removal instead of pesticides.

Avoid animal byproduct-based fertilizers. Fertilizers made with dried blood, poultry manure or bone meal will naturally attract pets. Swallowing this type of mulch will at the least cause stomach upset and can cause an obstruction. The ONE mulch to avoid entirely is the cocoa mulch, which tastes like chocolate and can be deadly to pets.

Choose non-toxic plants
• Sunflower
• African daisy
• African Violet
• Baby’s breathe
• Bachelor Buttons
• Hollyhock
• Snapdragon

For a List of Plants that are Toxic to Dogs, Please Visit the ASPCA website here.
For a List of Plants that are Toxic to Cats, Please Visit the ASPCA website here.

Pet friendly Mulch

Choose non-toxic mulch:

• Cedar mulch
• Woodchips
• Stones, preferably round to protect paws
• Pine bark mulch

Remove Injury Hazards

tools on yard

Keep Tools Locked Safely in the Shed or Garage, away from sensitive paws.

Avoid Hanging Tools and Equipment to Protect Cats who Like to Climb

Remove Sharp Rocks and Stone from the Landscape

Use Pet Friendly Yard Features
landscaping features for pets

Sandboxes are fun for dogs to dig , you can bury toys and treats for them

A place for dogs to dig away from fences, if you don’t have a sandbox

Remember to shovel or rake through them to remove waste and keep clean

Water features can be anything from a shallow pool to a standing mister on hot days

Cat Ladders, Outdoor Cat Trees and High Shelves on Fences are a Favorite for Outdoor cats

Human Hangout – Make sure your patio is has a light color or is in the shade to prevent the surface from getting too hot for paws.