Winter Wonderlands are breathtakingly beautiful. What you may also find breathtaking is that gasp one makes when slipping on a thin sheet of ice outside.snow ice damage to trees

Yes, tis’ the season for icy sidewalks – and icy tree branches. This year, when you find yourself slipping and falling flat on your back, be sure to take that opportunity to look up at the trees.

Have Your Branches Begun to Sag and Dip with the Weight of Ice and Snow?

Take note of the trees that are bearing the most weight. You will want to wait until around March to safely perform a more thorough inspection.

You may want to shake the limbs to reduce the amount of weight on them. RESIST THAT URGE. Cold branches are much more brittle and likely to break. Salvageable limbs could be lost on the tree… and depending on where you are standing when the branches fall, your limbs, skull and overall well being may be at risk as well.

The Aftermath of Ice Damage on Trees

Most of your bent branches will bounce back to their original shape once the snow melts. Occasionally, a smaller cracked tree branch with slight cracking or breaking can be taped up with first aid tape until the layers knit back together and heal.

Broken and severely split branches should be cut off completely. And additional pruning may be needed to restore the beauty of the tree once those limbs are lost.

New Year’s Resolution: Prevent Ice Damage to Trees

If you’re noticing the distress to your trees’ branches while lying face up on the ground on a sheet of ice, it may be too late this season to do anything about it. However, now is a good time to take note for the spring those trees that may be most in need of strategic pruning.

Resolve to bring in a Certified Tree Expert who can do a free Hazardous Tree Assessment and quote, as well as offer suggestions or services related to the beauty and health of your trees once the ice has melted and spring has returned.

In the meantime, avoid parking or walking under weighed down, icy branches and call the utility company if one of them looks like it’s gearing up to take out your power lines.