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Those of us who are from Warren County, NJ truly understand why New Jersey is known as the "Garden State”. And for locals, it’s no wonder that 8 of the Champion Trees in the Garden State call Warren County their home.

What is a Champion Tree?

A champion tree is the largest recorded tree of its species. Each state has its own registry of champion trees. New Jersey has just over 100 Champion trees currently documented. They are measured using AF Points (American Forest Points) which take into account the trunk circumference, height, and average crown spread of the tree.


Small New Jersey Native Trees for Better Landscaping
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Small & Large NJ Native Trees for Better Landscaping
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My Neighbor's Tree is Threatening my Property: What Can I Do?
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PROBLEM: "I think my neighbor's tree is going to fall on my house, what can I do?"

Generally, we would hope that our neighbors are thoughtful and considerate people. In most cases, the best remedy for this kind of situation is to point out the potential hazard to your neighbor, and ask them to hire a tree removal expert to trim or remove the tree as necessary. 
Unfortunately, there are those times when we find that a neighbor