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The Mystic Meanings of Willow Trees
posted on 5/4/2015 at 00:00:00
Tree Lore is likely as old as humanity itself. Trees as breathe-taking as the Willow Tree spark imaginations throughout the world. 
In Celtic Traditions a Willow Tree was highly revered for its close association to the water, and therefore, with the moon and as it would wax a

The Rowan Tree - Mysticism and Lore
posted on 9/4/2015 at 21:00:00

 The Rowan Tree - Mysticism and Lore

About the Rowan Tree: The Rowan Tree is a favorite of many for its strength and beauty. It is incredibly resilient and can survive in craggy riverbeds, inside other trees, and in other unlikely locations. It is a member of the Rose family and can grow to be about 50 feet tall. It grows naturally throughoutIt grows well even in depleted soil, though they are not common in New Jersey. They thrive in hardiness zones 3-5. New Jersey is made up of 6 in the Northwest and Central South Jersey an

Vampire Trees - The Bloodsucking Jubokko of Japan
posted on 10/13/2015 at 09:00:00

Legend has it that on the blood-soaked grounds of battle in Japan, a strange thing happens to the trees.

As they soak in the blood of fallen soldiers they become more than regular trees. They become JUBOKKO.


A Jubokko Tree looks much like the trees around it. From a distance, there is no way to know that a tree is a Jubokko… but as one draws closer to the tree, close enough to see branches that are mangled in a way that t