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My Tree is Leaning - What Now?
posted on 8/15/2015 at 00:00:00
Most trees have natural bends and leans in them, and often times they grow that way and have enough counter balance in their roots to support the tree. However, if you notice that a tree in your yard has only started to lean… chances are that the root structure has been compromised.

It’s helpful to consult old photographs, if possible, to see if the tree has recently developed the lean, or if you’re simply noticing an existing lean. Any recent change is worthy of assessing for hazards.

In order to assess the health of the root system and the trunk, you will want a certified arborist, or better yet, a certified tree expert, to assess the root system’s structural integrity, however there are some signs to look out for

Ice & Snow Damage to Trees
posted on 12/8/2017 at 09:00:00

ice damage on treesWinter Wonderlands are breathtakingly beautiful. What you may also find breathtaking is that gasp one makes when slipping on a thin sheet of ice outside.

Yes, tis’ the season for icy sidewalks – and icy tree branches. This year, when you find yourself slipping and falling flat on your back, be sure to take that opportunity to look up at the trees.

Have Your Branches Begun to Sag and Dip with the Weight of Ice and Snow?

Take note of the trees that are bearing the most weight. You will want to wait until around March to safely perform a more thorough inspection.

You may be wont to shake the limbs to reduce the amount of weight on them. RESIST THAT URGE. Cold branches are much more brittle and likely to break. Salvageable limbs could be lost on the tr

My Neighbor's Tree is Threatening my Property: What Can I Do?
posted on 3/1/2016 at 09:00:00

PROBLEM: "I think my neighbor's tree is going to fall on my house, what can I do?"

Generally, we would hope that our neighbors are thoughtful and considerate people. In most cases, the best remedy for this kind of situation is to point out the potential hazard to your neighbor, and ask them to hire a tree removal expert to trim or remove the tree as necessary. 
Unfortunately, there are those times when we find that a neighbor