Legend has it that on the blood-soaked grounds of battle in Japan, a strange thing happens to the trees.

bloodsucking trees

As they soak in the blood of fallen soldiers they become more than regular trees. They become JUBOKKO.

A Jubokko Tree looks much like the trees around it. From a distance, there is no way to know that a tree is a Jubokko… but as one draws closer to the tree, close enough to see branches that are mangled in a way that they appear to be grasping for something… and close enough to see the pile of skulls and human remains on which the tree has grown, it is too late, because the tree is now close enough to feed.

bloodsucking tree

The Jubokko is said to live off of human blood, and it will snatch up passerby’s and drain them of their blood, leaving what’s left to the wildlife until only the dried bones remain.

It is also said that if one manages to slice a Jubokko Tree, that it will bleed actual blood… but that it heals rapidly, and will still overpower and suck the blood of anyone who slices its bark.

In all likelihood, a regular tree with red sap in the vicinity of a battlefield is what started this gruesome myth, however, since no one can live to tell the tale, it conveniently cannot be dis-proven… so if you find yourself in Japan – beware of the trees.

bloodsucking trees