Most trees have natural bends and leans in them, and often times they grow that way and have enough counter balance in their roots to support the tree. However, if you notice that a tree in your yard has only started to lean… chances are that the root structure has been compromised.

leaning tree

It’s helpful to consult old photographs, if possible, to see if the tree has recently developed the lean, or if you’re simply noticing an existing lean. Any recent change is worthy of assessing for hazards.

In order to assess the health of the root system and the trunk, you will want a certified arborist, or better yet, a certified tree expert, to assess the root system’s structural integrity, however there are some signs to look out for on your own.

Signs you should call in an expert:

Heaving, cracked soil opposite the lean 
Exposed roots around the base of the tree 

heaving ground

If either of these is occurring, you certainly want to contact an expert. With luck, a tree that is leaning can be saved. It is possible to clean the trees crown in an effort to distribute the weight more safely, and in other cases, the tree can be padded and cabled until it is able to recover its strength.

Remember – It is better to be safe than sorry.

Trees can cause serious harm to life and property. If you are unsure of the safety of the tree, call an expert today. Precision Tree & Landscape LLC Serves Northwest NJ and offers FREE HAZARDOUS TREE ASSESSMENTS, so please do not hesitate to call us if you are worried about a leaning tree!

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